Remove British History from America

Remove British History from America

While we are removing American history from our public viewing I suggest we remove anything connected to our British history. After all the Brits were suppressive in their taxation and very brutal during our wars. The task of removing British history from American history should be given to those who disapprove of American history as it remembered and exhibited.

First I suggest the removers begin by removing anything connected to the name York. For example New York becomes New State and likewise New York City becomes New State City. Birmingham Alabama should become Bear Bryant City, Alabama.
I could use a lot of examples to make my point. But I don’t think it’s necessary to use thousands of examples of British history within American boundaries to made my point.

American history is difficult to comprehend In my modern mind. But not difficult to accept. When I say history even yesterday is history and gone forever. I can’t go back and change it because yesterday is in the books.

I’ve learned many things from history and within my Christian theology and my understanding of the past I’m not going to repeat that which does not fit common sense and above my common knowledge of our laws.

If you are so troubled by American history don’t repeat it. All we really need to do is govern ourselves by loving one another as we love ourselves, honor God with our hearts, minds and souls then vote.