Want to……..

Want to……..

Do you want to change your life?
Then replace the word GOT in your life with the word WANT.
Sounds simple and it is.
Brushing your teeth first thing in the morning should be a habit you WANT to do. You are not going to say I’ve GOT to brush my teeth. You will WANT to habitually WANT to brush your teeth.
Do we really WANT to get out of bed? We think we’ve GOT to get out of bed; get going and there in lies the problem. Starting today in the year ‘2020 intentionally use the word WANT in all of your activities. I WANT to get out of bed. I WANT to go to make up my bed; go to school; go to work.
I WANT to greet the world and all its drama!
I have this incredible fear of public speaking. Public speaking invariably causes me heart palpitations, football game type adrenaline flow and cold feet and hands. I run through the gamut of catastrophic thoughts before each public speaking event. For example, why in the world am I doing public speaking when it causes me such physical and mental anxiety?
The answer is I WANT to share my experiences.
Now that I say I WANT to talk to audiences I have greatly reduced my anxiety.
When I address the audience at each event I tell them I’m not a public speaker. I’m a public talker. Talking usually doesn’t cause anxiety so I say I WANT to talk to them.
When I say I WANT to talk to my audience I feel a slow down of my adrenaline flow and a warming affect of my feet and hands After a few moments. WANTING to talk to my audience and telling them so enables me to overcome much of my anxiety.

Yes I do forget sometimes to say the word WANT. Often forgetting the simplicity of the word WANT and its contribution to my well being. But when I remember the effect of the word WANT I quickly start over and put the word WANT back into action.
For instance I WANT to pass the person in the speed lane without getting angry because they are going below the speed limit and will not get over.
After you have calmed down and passed on the right you will WANT to notice the self induced tension leaving your body.

I WANT you to WANT to use this amazing word in all that you think and do.

Make ‘2020 the year you came to WANT to live life simply because you WANT to.