Global Climate

Global Climate

From Towers of Babel

I propose to explain both global warming and climate change. Earth is not experiencing a warming climate. Earth is returning to a warm climate. The elephant and evidence in the room is the frozen woolly mammoth. Turns out the wooly mammoths were flash frozen the same time as other cohabiting warm climate creatures. The woolly mammoth lived a long side other warm climate creatures.

Theoretically a meteor or catastrophic volcano altered the climate. I propose that it was a meteor. Within minutes of this meteor strike temperatures dropped to – 330° +- freezing the mammoths in their tracks. Earth was dropped into an Ice Age immediately. Perhaps earths axis were altered to their current positions. The current northern and southern polls took the blunt force of tropical weather by changing into blizzard conditions. The once warm humid atmosphere released hundreds of feet of snow in a matter of days.

Today and for the past 15,000 +- years the globe has been trying to return to its once tropical worldwide climate.

*Below (Orange circle) note the inserted Google earth photo. Ironically the Himalayan Mountains are the smile in the smiley face of the catastrophic meteror impact. The nose is the remains of the meteor impact. The eyes of the face were also created from the impact. Ironically the eyes give the finishing touch of a sarcastic face of catastrophic global climate change.