The Digital Age


Sometimes when I read toxic exchanges between people on Facebook and Twitter, I think social media is not for me. I take to heart my beliefs.

One day it dawned on me, there can be a greater good to social media. Not every tweet or comment is verbal violence. In fact, I see many comments from folks that are messages of hope and well-being.

The digital age and social media, and all the tools and advantages can be liberating. I can connect with folks I haven’t seen in years. People change, but we all are social creations that want to be connected to feel alive and appreciated.

I want to take advantage of the connections allotted by social media. I want to positively contribute to society. I want to uplift those who are interested in my thoughts. I want to learn from people who offer meaningful thoughts and improvement to the human condition.

Henry Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.” I have fallen to deception in its various forms. At first, the deception was liberating only to later find it was a veiled corruption.  What I learned was I didn’t heed my own prayer: “God, I pray for wisdom.” The wisdom in the Bible has survived for a reason.

I questioned when wisdom graced her hand in mind. I recognized the deception, but I did not heed wisdom.

“Wisdom is a gentle gift from God, a mother of compassionate messages to not tread here – or – to go forward, the horizon is clearly ahead and beautiful.”

I am where I want to be. Sharing in life experiences in real life, on social media, and in this blog hoping love, wisdom, and truth are synonymous.

That our future on any platform, through faith, hope, and love, will find its way. – Craig